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About Workshops

Tero Saarinen Company workshops are based on dancer-choreographer Saarinen’s movement technique. Displaying features of ballet, butoh, martial arts and contemporary dance, his style has been described as “organic”, an ”inventive mixture of grotesqueness and beauty” and “like butoh with wings”.

The technique and repertoire workshops’ main aim is to acknowledge the weight of the body and maximize a dancers’ capacity to use balance and off balance. Saarinen’s technique concentrates on awakening the senses of the feet, general alertness and focusing. The goal is to make full use of already learned techniques and find, liberate and further nourish the potential capacity of each dancer.

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Classes All Over the World

The Tero Saarinen Company international teaching programme started in the 1990’s when the Company was founded. Over the years, Saarinen and his trusted assistants have held numerous workshops and classes for very diverse target groups in Europe, USA, Asia, Oceania and Africa.

Today workshops for professional dancers and dance students are held all over the world approximately 4-5 times a year. As Tero Saarinen Company rarely holds auditions, taking part in workshops is both the best way to learn Saarinen's movement technique and choreographic style and also get in contact with the company.

Movement Analysis Project

Tero Saarinen and Sini Länsivuori are currently working on movement analysis and mapping of Saarinen’s technique, together with Hanna Pohjola (DA (Dance), MSc (Exercise Medicine), PT). The aim of the project is to identify key movement patterns and study the biomechanics of the technique, in order to further develop the Company's dance education methods. Pohjola is participating in several TSC workshops and classes in 2016. Learn more about Hanna Pohjola's research here

Audience Movement Classes

As a part of the 20th anniversary season, a Tero Saarinen movement class was held for audience members. The class was aimed for non-professionals, and no background in dance was required.

Held by Sini Länsivuori, the class received very positive feedback and plans for a continuation of such activities in the near future are in place.

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